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Brisbane car brokers
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Help Buy and sell cars in Brisbane
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brisbane car brokers
brisbane car consultants

Brisbane Car Consultants, Motor Vehicle Brokers
Brokerage License Number 250 1248Used car brokers and new car broking Australia

Did you know that most of the people that advertise as Motor Vehicle Brokers are actually not using a brokerage license.... ASK THEM WHY!

Most are actually licensed Motor Vehicle Dealers advertising as brokers.

WHY? Because it is more profitable for them to buy the car and sell it to you.

Never make a cheque out to anyone but the dealer you are buying your vehicle from.

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2/84 Newmarket Rd, Windsor Qld 4030 • PO Box 20, Wilston Qld 4051
Telephone: 1800 22 23 24 • Facsimile: 07 3852 1989
Brokerage License Number: 250 1248